The Show Must Go On
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And thanks to these pioneers, it will.
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By Robin Chotzinoff

Enter MRS. GILCHRIST (a middle-school drama teacher, snapping fingers in "showbiz" style).

MRS. GILCHRIST: Students, wake up! I need to see action! I need to see movement!

Scene: It is 7:20 a.m. at the Flood Middle School auditorium in Englewood.

Rehearsal will last exactly 45 minutes. This is no time for yawning, slouching or scratching.

MRS. GILCHRIST: Come on, people. (Snap, snap!) Let's take it from the opening song.

Photographs by Ellen Barnett
Pictured: Anne, Steve and Deb Fendrich.

The opening song--as well as the rest of the two-act, ninety-minute drama--takes place at Pete's Luncheonette, a squeaky-clean junior-high hangout that has suddenly turned very, very strange.


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